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Behind Enemy Lines: 49ers/Jets, Part II

Tebow-mania has taken on a life of its own in NY

NinersDigest's Craig Massei and the GreenandWhiteReport's Rick Laughland go Behind Enemy Lines to break down Sunday's game between the 49ers and New York Jets. What is Tim Tebow's future with the Jets? Has Mark Sanchez reached a plateau or he is truly New York's franchise quarterback? How will Gang Green adjust to life without cornerback Darrelle Revis? These Q&As and more inside.

Craig Massei, publisher, Everybody wants to know what's going on with Tim Tebow. Tell us what Tebow-mania is like, New York style. What kind of impact has his presence had on the team? Where is he fitting in, and what kind of contribution is making on the field? What do you see his future looking like with the Jets? Rick Laughland, managing editor, Recommended Stories