Sanchez: We have to keep pushing each other

Jets' Quarterback | Mark Sanchez

New York Jets signal-caller Mark Sanchez wants his teammates to push each other and not the panic button.

Even though many NFL pundits are projecting nothing but gloom and doom for the New York Jets offense this season, quarterback Mark Sanchez sees the light at the end of the tunnel. New York's fourth-year gunslinger is convinced that the Jets' dry spell will be short-lived.

"I've seen, especially on this film, a lot of improvement," mentioned Sanchez of the offense's progress. "We looked great up front. (I) thought we got some great movement on some of our run game stuff. I was confident in all our checks, I felt good seeing the field, going through my reads. I'm confident our wide outs will catch the ball and be ready to play. It's a good group we have and we have to keep pushing each other."

The former USC standout is looking to fine tune the cadence with his offensive weapons this week at practice. Despite the Jets' touchdown slump extending to three preseason games, Sanchez is confident his unit will work out the kinks in time for the season opener against Buffalo.

"We've seen individual guys really elevate their game," uttered Sanchez. "And it hasn't all come together yet, and that's kind of the exciting part and I think guys are anxious for that. We're anticipating a great start versus Buffalo and we're going to need our very best."

The Jets have been far from their best this preseason period, drawing boos from the home crowd and jeers from opposing fans. With plenty of blame to go around, Sanchez is focused on putting his team in the best position to win.

New York's offensive woes have been overshadowed by its stingy defense, a defensive group that will be counted on for big plays throughout the course of the regular season.

"A good running game and good defense are a quarterback's best friends," declared Sanchez. "So, I totally realize that. And it's important for me, as part of the run game, to put us in the right play."

Like it or not, Wildcat quarterback Tim Tebow will be the focal point of Rex Ryan's ground and pound attack. While Tebow will likely share the rushing workload with running back Shonn Greene, the Jets are determined to make a strong running game their top priority.

With first-year offensive coordinator Tony Sparano refusing to take the training wheels off the offense, New York is still in search of its first trip across the goal line this year.

"It's a tough sell (for) fans, not scoring a touchdown," admitted Sanchez. "We're in this thing to win football games. (Buffalo is the) first one that counts (and) we need to be sharp."

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