Shirtless jog just routine for Tebow

Shirtless jog just routine for Tebow

Tim Tebow met with the media on Monday morning to talk about his progress in practice and of course his 'Baywatch Moment' from Saturday afternoon.

Even when New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow isn't trying to make news, he's still nabbing headlines.

New York's gunslinger was not scheduled to meet with the media following Saturday afternoon's practice, but he still managed to create quite a stir. Footage of Tebow running shirtless off the practice field appeared on news stations across the country, while photographs of his ‘Baywatch Moment' surfaced all over the Internet.

After today's practice, Tebow told his side of the story.

"I was running with my shirt and it felt like twenty pounds because we were in the rain and I was signing autographs for about 20 or 30 minutes, so I didn't really think you all would be filming it and taking pictures," explained Tebow.

With the sporting world buzzing over the incident, the bare-chested jog was merely routine according to the Jets Wildcat specialist.

"I can't tell you how many times probably in Florida or Denver after practice I would do sprints back and forth with that and jog off the field and never think about it again and it would never get reported," said Tebow of his shirtless jog caught on camera." That's also what I mean about not changing, that's who I am."

Tebow's teammates, including fellow quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy playfully joked when they saw television replays from No. 15's post-practice jog.

"It was funny," admitted Tebow. A few guys gave me a hard time, but honestly I don't think anyone knew until they saw it that night on ESPN. It was funny. More than anything it was probably just Mark and Greg giving me a hard time and then everyone else catches on after that."

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