Tebow Trade 'Wrong Move' for the Jets

Tebow Trade 'Wrong Move' for  the Jets

GWR's Daniel Feuerstein explores why Tim Tebow's arrival in New York could spell the beginning of the end for starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

After a couple of hectic days in the land of Green and White (which will officially end on Monday, March 26th) the so called ‘chosen one' is coming to the greatest city in the world.

Tim Tebow's purpose, to push Mark Sanchez to another level, might end with Sanchez losing his starting job.

Bringing in Tebow to resurrect Gang Green's Wildcat schemes may sound like a great idea, but something smells rotten in Florham Park.

When was the last time a backup quarterback received this much fanfare?

Tebow touched down in his own private airplane, while network news channels stopped their regular broadcasts to catch a glance of Tebow greeting fans and speaking with the press.

While a select few believe this will help the Jets (yes Mr. Laughland I'm looking at you), in the end this will ultimately hurt the team right from start of the preseason.

There's no need to wait until the start of the 2012 season, this circus will get underway in August.

Forget the first incomplete pass in the regular season opener; during the Jets first preseason home game Tebow's name will be chanted by his faithful fans.

The Jets front office aimed to push Sanchez and make him into a better quarterback, but instead they are forcing him to look over his shoulder.

There's no question that Tebow is a first-class human being, but as a pure pocket passer his mechanics and decision making are flawed.

In 2011 the Broncos defense kept the team in contention and gave Tebow the chance to win games in the closing seconds.

Clearly luck is a factor in the NFL, but sharp skills and proper technique translate to prolonged success in the league. Tim Tebow has done a decent job, but he can only ride 'good luck' so far.

The Jets front office went for the big splash on the back pages of the New York tabloids and have been mocked for doing so by fans of the other New York team, who won the Super Bowl just two months ago.

The Green and White went for the dollar signs and the luster of a Jets jersey with No. 15 on the back. This was the wrong move for the organization and it seems as if they lost confidence in their current quarterback who has a better resume than their new backup.

Reaching consecutive AFC Championship games in Sanchez's first two years as the team's signal caller is nothing to sneeze at, but sadly Robert "Woody" Johnson did.

If this is a ploy by ownership to replace Sanchez, then it's gone the wrong way. Yes Mark Sanchez regressed in 2011 but he was not only to blame for the team's struggles. Former offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer's perplexing play calling, the offensive line's futility and Santonio Holmes' whining were contributors to the Jets destruction in 2011.

Sadly, the deed has been done. Tebow has been brought in to push Sanchez, but it appears as if ownership is more focused on grabbing headlines than capturing Vince Lombardi's prized trophy.

Daniel Feuerstein covers the New York Jets for Greenandwhitereport.com

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